Boulder Filmmaking

The thing with Spielberg is the preparation. And what I’m (slowly) learning is that you don’t necessarily have to be fast, just thorough. While Raiders was positioned as an homage, the technique behind it has made it a masterclass in and of itself. It’s not just the thought and planning behind this iconic scene that is notable, but Spielberg’s employment of top notch crew to bring his vision to life. Oh, and you’ll never guess what the sound of the boulder was…

Top 10 Secret Indiana Jones Facts Revealed

lego-indiDespite a major risk of impaled expectations – like one of those skeletons on the booby trapped gate in Raiders – I’m stoked for the new Indy movie (I can’t abbreviate it “Indi” as I’m pretty sure that’s what TomKat is naming its next Suri). Plus it stars my former Celebrity Crush (face it, fascists are hawt). However, on Digg alone I’ve seen two front-page posts of essentially the same Indy trivia (which are all on IMDb anyhow). This just doesn’t cut sh*t the mustard so, like everyone’s fave unlikable archaeologist / adventurer / pathological killer, I’m taking matters into my own hands.
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