One Shot Bird

Birdman is probably the most original and compelling film I’ve seen this year. A large part of it was how the construct provided a unique platform for character development. Another was how the cinematography leveraged a confined setting to provide a dynamic theatrical experience. I had my theories as to how they filmed it on “one shot”, and was mostly right. However, it’s still fascinating to understand the method behind the madness.

Moving Movie Posters


With endless ways to innovate in film, I find it fascinating when simple techniques yield dramatic results. Like these GIF movie posters, which elegantly capture the character of the movies themselves. Granted, I have the cinematic experience to flashback to. But if you had never seen any of these films, wouldn’t your interest be piqued?

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Alternate Universe Movie Posters

In-any-era MJ vs. Lebron-style what-ifs dominate sports debate, so why not film? Case in point is this brilliant movie poster series by Peter Stults, in which iconic films are re-imagined in a bygone era. The results are clever, funny and an interesting peek into the mind of the artist. What if you could pick any director and cast to recreate your favorite movie? Continue reading

Top Films of 2011 – I Would Rewrite

Yes, I’m leading with JUSTIN BIEBER for curb appeal. Can you blame me? So while I’m at it, I might as well come clean to curating an end of year list for more-or-less the same reasons. Now that’s out of the way, I think these five films had unmet potential. Really! All they needed was a bit of love in the story department (yes, that’s a writer-centric view). Doubts? I’ll make you a BelieberContinue reading

Golden Michael Phelps Movie Ideas

55466984I’ve been digging the Olympics. Not so much rooting for the underdog (other than my celebrity doppelganger who just unseated I – bet – he’s – actually – gay Federer), but watching ruthless domination. Michael Phelps IS an aquatic killing machine. He’s simply sick. As of this post he has six golds (all world records), so I’m beating the rush with a matching number of can’t miss feature ideas.

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