Moving Movie Posters


With endless ways to innovate in film, I find it fascinating when simple techniques yield dramatic results. Like these GIF movie posters, which elegantly capture the character of the movies themselves. Granted, I have the cinematic experience to flashback to. But if you had never seen any of these films, wouldn’t your interest be piqued?

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Alternate Universe Movie Posters

In-any-era MJ vs. Lebron-style what-ifs dominate sports debate, so why not film? Case in point is this brilliant movie poster series by Peter Stults, in which iconic films are re-imagined in a bygone era. The results are clever, funny and an interesting peek into the mind of the artist. What if you could pick any director and cast to recreate your favorite movie? Continue reading

Driven Mad

I had mixed feelings about Drive. Maybe that’s bound to happen with an ultra-violent existential B-movie heist film set in L.A. that’s directed by a Danish unicorn. However, then I saw this very-spoilery (a warning, not a criticism) animated tribute and I reconsidered the source material. It’s awesomeness made me think of how deliberate Gosling’s minimal performance, the anachronistic 80s vibe and the unapologetically blunt story were. This, in turn, made me ponder the art of writing films that are-not-quite-what-they-seem (more on that in an upcoming post). Now I’m considering buying a silk scorpion jacket or maybe not.